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  • Always fine 👌🏾 ... I just captured it 😘
  • Like fine wine 😌
  • #melanin is poppin 😍
  • ..... with Daddy
  • Lies... we all believed them. More on the blog now #linkinbio
  • Thursdays are for throwbacks .... oh and for loving yourself 💁🏽#tbt
  • "Boxes for my womanhood, my ethnicity, my profession, my writing, and my age. The boxes keep piling on. And all the while we try to cramp ourselves into them and look around for someone to validate that we are squeezing into them completely. Honey, validation is for parking."
... more on the blog #linkinbio 😆
  • The accountability aspect of our lives is often overlooked! In hopes of being more accountable towards accomplishing my dreams I participated in the #futureselfchallenge !..... do join the challengeso I can hold you accountable too 😉Heeeyyyyy from my future self 👋🏽@justmissedtherunway
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  • "Travel far enough and you meet yourself." Have you seen my latest post on the blog? #linkinbio