Posts for valentines day

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  • "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." New post on the blog! Clink the link my bio for more! ✈️
  • I'm perfectly imperfect and loved by Him... I have had the same conversation like 5 times in the last week: Let go of your insecurities and just be who you are called to be. And do that freely and unashamed. Use the talents that you have been hiding for so long. The world needs them... 😌
  • Reminiscing on some of my travels today. The travel bug is definitely itching me 😜. Blog post soon to come on why I love traveling so much and what I have learned from it.
  • Today, after my shift I realize (all the more) just how precious life is... smile! HappyMonday peeps😌
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  • "Perhaps I am pondering too hard but, maybe (just maybe) life is not a race. Maybe it’s not where you compete against other athletes to a finish line in order to be hailed ‘first place’. I mean what if we saw life as what it is and not a competition against the next person?"
...more on the blog now! Link in bio